About Milli Milhouse

Milli Mihouse Milli Mihouse Milli Mihouse

Milli Milhouse was born in Munich and first appeared in the 1980s in clubs as a nameless DJ. At that time he played records still with Disco-Fox with the well-tried Technics SL-1210 turntables. His preference for electronic music he discovered in 1995. A visit to the Love Parade in Berlin, Various Techno events and numerous visits at the then still existing partyarea „Munich Riem Airport“ (Airport Party Zone), including the known location „Ultraschall“ and „Wappensaal“ cemented this preference. In 2003, it was then so far: He got his first own DJ set (2 CD players + mixer), then he performed first on psytrance parties. Then it was few years calm to Milli Milhouse until he returned again in 2010 with a new digital equipment and since then often presents live sets in a great known psytrance webradio. That gave his confidence a huge boost and expanded his horizons. He has since experimented with different styles and its spectrum now ranges from psytrance to techno. Since 2011 he is Member of GENETIC UNDERGROUND. – Since 2013 he is also founding member at ELECTROWICHTEL (electrowichtel.de) and he also produces music mainly in tech– / deep house, but also in the areas of techno and minimal techno.